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The Experience

Visiting PeoplePrints 3D

  • There’s no need to schedule a visit, you can just come any time we’re open.
  • To create a model of an individual, they have to come to the store in person.  We can’t create figurines from your own photos.
  • Our scanner does best with bright patterned clothing.  We highly recommend avoiding completely black clothing as this doesn’t come out the best when printed.
  • Clients need to be standing.  We don’t currently offer scans of people sitting.  If you bend over, the model may be printed smaller due to additional printing costs.
  • Fine and transparent clothing like silk or mesh might not look correct when printed.
  • Our models are strong, but small details like brims of hats and extended fingers can be breakable, or might not be printable.
  • Eyeglasses need to be removed as they don’t scan or print correctly.
  • Thin dangling jewelry like earrings will need to be removed.  Stud earrings are ok to wear.
  • Dresses and skirts should be higher than 12 inches from the ground, or full length so that they fully cover your feet.
  • We can scan and print animals, but small animals will need to be held by the owner in order to be scanned.
  • Large animals can be scanned by themselves, but will need to be able to hold still for 3-4 seconds.  Completely black dogs like black labs or completely white dogs don’t scan or print well.
PeoplePrints Storefront

The Scanning Process

  • Our innovative 3D scanner uses an array of 100 cameras to capture you from every angle.
  • The scanning process only takes 3-4 seconds.
  • Once you’re scanned, you can see a preview of your pose and facial expression.
  • In about 20 minutes after your scan is complete you will receive a preview animation of yourself rotating in 360 degrees.
  • A very powerful computer server will then generate a detailed 3D model using the photos from the scan.
Inside PeoplePrints Store

After the Scan

  • All 3D scans are looked over and edited by professional 3D artists.
  • We offer an HD Touch-Up service that will improve the quality of your model.  With this service we can also edit your model and do things like make you thinner, or enhance different parts of your body like facial features and hair texture.
  • In rare circumstances your 3D scan may not be printable.  We will inform you promptly, and you can come in for a new scan or we will refund your purchase.

Making Your Figurine

  • Your 3D scan is then sent to a 3D printer.
  • We use the highest quality color 3D printer currently available, the ProJet 660.
  • It takes 11-15 business days to create your model.
  • Rush orders are available and currently take 5-8 business days to print.  There is a 30% surcharge for rush orders.

And Finally... Delivery

  • Once your 3D figurine is manufactured, it is carefully packaged and shipped straight to your home.
  • We offer 3-5 day standard shipping for $6 per figurine to anywhere in the United States.  Models may also be picked up at our store for free.
  • We can ship internationally for a flat rate of $20 or less depending on the country.  This option can take 10-20 business days to deliver.
  • We offer priority and express international shipping as well, but please contact us for pricing.

PeoplePrints 3D is open in NYC!

We have a new pop-up location in NYC at Bloomingdales Soho!

For more information click here: PeoplePrints @ Blomingdales Soho

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